Key Dates; Overview of Transition Process



As the Transition Team continues its work in transitioning St. Paul's to a new rector, please keep up-to-date by reading the team's written announcements (located under "Announcements and Media" in this "Transition" tab of our website).  These announcements have been included in previous service bulletins and we'll add others as we proceed through this exciting process.  Read below to learn about the transition process.  We also note some dates below.

Transition Team Meetings -

Held weekly on Monday evenings at 7 p.m. in the Seabury Room.  Notes from each meeting are posted on the parish hall bulletin board.

March 22, 2018, Thursday, 6:30 pm, at St. Paul's -

The Rev. Canon Lee Ann Tolzmann meets with the Transition Team and Rev. Peter Stebinger, our Transition consultant, to present the Rector candidate applications received by her office and discerned as appropriate for consideration by the Transition Team.

March 12, 2018, Monday -

Deadline for Rector candidate applications to be received by The Rev. Canon Lee Ann Tolzmann.

January 10, 2018 - Rector Position On-Line  -

Our Rector position was posted on-line on the Episcopal Church's national website on January 10th in the OTM Portfolio database, a searchable database located under the "Transition Ministry" portion of the website, for authorized clergy and laity searching for positions in the Episcopal Church (see "Announcements/Media" below for a copy of our listing).  You can view a shorter version of our listing on under "Open Positions" (also see "Announcements/Media" below for a copy of this listing).  Rev. Tolzmann will be accepting candidate applications through March 12, 2018, after which the Transition Team will be presented with selected candidate applications to begin the interviewing process.

November 16, 2017 - Meeting with Bishop Ahrens and Reverend Tolzmann  -

Tom Calkins, Nancy Twinem, and Amy Williams met with Bishop Laura Ahrens and The Reverend Lee Ann Tolzmann on Thursday, November 16th, at 4 pm.  During this meeting, we reviewed the Clergy Transition portion of our website, and also certain documents that, after final approval, will be used to place information about our parish and our open rector position on the "Office for Transition Ministry" website.  This website contains a searchable database for Episcopal clergy and laity who are searching for positions. 




The "Transition Team" (the new term to describe what was formerly called the Search Committee) was commissioned by The Reverend Lois Keen on Sunday, October 23rd, during the 10 am service using a recommended liturgy from the Diocese of Connecticut Web site, after which the team was officially ready to begin the transition process that will end with St. Paul's calling a new rector. 

In alphabetical order, the members of the Transition Team who were chosen by the Vestry in August are:  Rich Baird, Joel Cook, Rick Hammer, Sue Jacques, Pam Lehman-Daly, Karen Nash, Nancy Twinem and Amy Williams (chairperson).  The Diocese assigned the Transition Team a "Transition Consultant," The Reverend Peter Stebinger (a part-time missional priest at St. Paul's in Bantam, among other roles) to work with the team in navigating the transition process.  The team met with Peter on Sunday, September 10, where Peter gave the team an overview of the transition process.  Peter will be by the team's side over the upcoming months, practically and spiritually, giving the team guidance in the work involved in calling a new rector.

There are two parts to the Transition Process.  Phase I, where the Transition Team is selected, parish-wide discernment exercises are planned and performed, the St. Paul's website is reviewed and updated to reflect that we are a parish in transition, and other materials are prepared for submission to, and approval by, the Bishop of Record (The Right Reverend Bishop Laura Ahrens) and The Reverend Canon Lee Ann Tolzmann, Canon for Mission Leadership.  Although Phase I can take up to six months, the team is planning on completing Phase I in just two months in order to be ready for a November 16th meeting with Bishop Laura and Lee Ann that was scheduled by Tom Calkins in consultation with Peter.  This was not just optimism on the vestry's part as to how efficiently the Transition Team would do its work (!), but rather due to the recognition that St. Paul's, as a parish, has already fairly recently done the discernment work needed to identify the type of parish St. Paul's is, where St. Paul's is going, and the type of rector St. Paul's is looking for.  The Transition Team will work with the parish before the November 16th meeting to ensure that the parish's discernment conclusions are still current and all voices are heard. 

Phase II, which starts after the November 16th meeting and Bishop Laura's and Reverend Lee Ann's approval of our prepared materials, is when our rector search goes live on the "Office for Transition Ministry" website, which contains a searchable database for clergy and laity searching for positions.  Resumes are collected and interviews are done during this phase.  Much more on Phase II later.

Everything that the Transition Team does during Phase I is open and transparent and can be shared with all.  Announcements will be made at the different services, regular announcements put into E-Connections and – in general – the team plans to inundate you with information so that all parishioners feel well informed.  Only during Phase II, when actual interviewing starts, do certain parts of the transition process become confidential to preserve the confidentiality of the candidates. 

Feel free to ask any Transition Team member questions and to voice your comments and concerns after services or otherwise.  And please pray for the Transition Team!