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Anyone is welcome at St. Paul's, but becoming a  member means something more.

Individual members and the wider congregation become part of a mutual agreement of care and community.  What does that look like?

Expectations of Members - Participation, Community Care, Financial Commitment.

A healthy, vibrant church is not the work of just the clergy, staff, or vestry. Everyone has a place in the life of the parish. Membership means participation in that life through attending worship, being a part of activities & programming, and service.

Participation looks different for different people. Some of us can only be at worship occasionally, or worship primarily online, but lend our professional skills to our property committee. Others of us are at worship regularly, serving as ushers or lectors. Still others sing in the choir twice a year, volunteer once a month at the food bank, and attend a weekly online Bible Study. There is no one perfect model of how to participate.

Our programs and ministries are shaped by the people who lead them, and change over time to reflect who we are in the moment. The best way to get involved is to see where your gifts, energy, and skills meet the needs of our community. What gifts do you have? Do you feel a call to a particular ministry? Is there a talent you would love to share? Let's talk

Community Care:
"Walk in love as Christ loved us..." - Ephesians 5:2
The most important thing we do as a church is care for one another in body, mind, and spirit. This can take many forms. Some bring communion to the homebound as Lay Eucharistic Ministers. Others may participate as members of our dedicated Prayer Circle. Still others participate in our healing ministry during contemplative Saturday night worship.

As human beings with our various imperfections, we will from time to time bump into one another. It is normal and natural that we will feel let down or hurt, or let someone else down or hurt them. Our call as members of Christ's body is not to avoid conflict, but to work through it with honesty, love, and good faith. Everyone at St. Paul's - clergy, staff, leaders, parishioners - commits to working through difficult times with one another. You can always reach out to our clergy or wardens should you need assitance in working through conflict or challenge. This, too, is how we love as we have been loved.

Financial Commitment:
Membership does not cost anything. However, the material needs of the church can only be met through shared financial commitment. We ask that all members contribute as generously as they can. Generous means different things to different people. Some of us have very little extra income to donate. Others have more. Whatever your financial situation, we ask that your level of generosity matches your ability to be generous. 

For the purposes of planning each year, members are asked to make an annual financial pledge. There is no minimum amount or expectation. Some pay their pledge all at once for the coming year, and others pay quarterly, monthly, or bi-weekly. If you have questions about pledging or other forms of giving, please reach out to our dedicated and knowledgable treasurer, Nancy Twinem

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P.S. We love what Brené Brown has to say about belonging in this short video!



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