Vestry Biographies

Colette Kimball

As a resident of Woodbury for over 40 years, I joined St. Paul’s Church in 1996.  I was raised Catholic and confirmed at St. Theresa’s, but as an adult I found St. Paul’s to be my true home.  I immediately took to the genuine people and welcoming atmosphere which embodied a sense of community that I longed for… and I’ve never looked back.  Over twenty years ago my husband, Stu, and I were married at St. Paul’s and we now have two wonderful children, Jakob and Hannah.

Volunteerism and the idea of  “giving back” is a core value that I strive to model as both a parishioner, educator, and native each and every day.  It is my grandmother’s words that often remind me, “Many hands make light work.”  I have been a co-coordinator of our Sunday School Program as well as a co-teacher for several years. Now that our children are teenagers, I currently volunteer to help with the children’s education program for classes and events wherever my help is needed.  Outside of the children’s education program, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed assisting with such things as baking hundreds of loaves of bread for “Brenda’s Breads”, preparing for our annual Christmas Fair, and I currently sitting on the church vestry.


In addition to being on the vestry since January 2017, I have been a 5th grade classroom teacher for nearly 20 years.  As a professional educator I have volunteered as both a cooperating teacher for student teachers and as a mentor teacher for first year teachers.  Within my school system I also serve on various committees such as the Professional Evaluation Development Committee as well as our Hiring and Spirit Committees.


Being an active member of the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation (STN), I sit on the Tribal Council to serve as a liaison for our tribal members and our tribal government.  I also sit on the Schaghticoke Women’s Traditional Council as well as share my skills as an educator by serving on the Education Committee at the Institute of American Indian Studies in Washington, CT.  Both of our children volunteer at the IAIS each summer as their way of giving back and helping others while remembering our roots..


Each and every time, I find that “giving back” is such a powerful gift in so many ways.  While I frequently donate my time and efforts, I often  feel as though I have been the one rewarded… with good friends, productive work, and an overall sense of accomplishment for having served various communities.