St. Paul’s financial picture is fundamentally sound, with an annual operating budget of $285,000.  Due to prudence and careful oversight by the Finance Committee and Vestry, we have reduced our modest deficit every year over the past several years.  We fulfill our annual diocesan pledge of over $25,000, and are in good standing with the Diocese of Connecticut.

For income, we rely heavily on our annual stewardship campaign, which runs from October through January.  Other sources of income include plate, fundraising and rental income from our rectory.  In addition, we are very fortunate to have an endowment with a current value of $790,000.  From this, we receive a contribution to our annual operating budget of 5% of the year-end value, which this year was approximately $37,000.  The endowment funds are managed as part of the donations and bequests accounts of the Diocese of Connecticut.

St. Paul’s is the beneficiary of a trust, shared equally with another Episcopal church in CT.  From this we receive annual income equivalent to approximately 3.5% of year-end value.   The current value of our share of this trust is $212,000, which yields a contribution of approximately $7,000.

Our plan for a capital campaign to support our buildings and programs was necessarily put on hold this past spring.  We expect this to be revived once our new Rector has had a chance to settle in!


Please Click Here to see our Annual Reports for a copy of our operating budget and details on our Endowment.